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Healing Mantras Using Sound Affirmations
Evoking Authenticity, Sovereign Power,
Creativity & Healing


Mantra can help You manifest great Love into Your Life

Jane Borley

Mantra paintings from £95

“And God said, let there be Light, and there was Light.”

In Genesis we read, God said, ”The Light of Divine Creation was initiated by Sound. The primary mechanism of Creation is Sound.”

Some scientists, too, have recognised how the power of Sound and Harmonics can cleanse You, be it through Voice or through Music.

In fact, even the Planets have their own Sounds and Vibrations. The very practise of Mantra actually kneads the Matter/Mata of the body with Sound; and Manta can make You feel more energised or more Peaceful. It can help you cope with illness, stress, grief and often with physical Healing.

Mantra can help you manifest great Love into Your Life and is a Dynamic, Individual, Peaceful way to approach conditions You wish to change.

Jane Borley
Jane Borley

The way Mantra is activated within the physical body is with the movement of the tongue in the mouth, on various points of the upper palate, from behind the teeth, roof of the mouth and rear of palate. These points are like the keyboard of your computer and communicates with the hypothalamus changing the chemicals in the brain.

We all have our own mantra that we connect with and would benefit from using to lighten our earthly journey and heal ourselves with the sacred sound.

I use my skills and knowledge as both artist and yoga teacher to create personal mantras on canvas by individual commissions.

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