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Animal Portraits

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Animal Portraits from £895

Jane Borley Art



Cows are as varied as people. They can be highly intelligent or just plain slow. They are friendly, considerate, aggressive, docile, inventive, dull, proud and shy, on ocassions, but most of all much misunderstood and abused by Humanity in so many cruel ways.

I paint them because I Love who they are.



I got my first Basset Hound, ‘Moon’, 11yrs ago having been a Cat owner for years. I then did the same thing two years later and brought her Sister ‘Mala’ into the Family. They are loud, they are sensitive, sneaky and observant with a strong stubborn streak that holds no bounds. Anyone who lives with a Bassett has a tale to tell of stolen food; and the inability of a dog with such big ears, to hear a single recall or instruction. They are tactile and so visually Individual that they are Heaven to paint and a familiar Personality to create on canvas. I can provide a personal Heart-felt portrait of your Basset Hound by Individual Commission.

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