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About Jane

They say Your Greatest Gifts often come wrapped in your worst nightmares, and, in 2014 My World turned upside down and inside out. When the Great Spirit had finished My cycle in the Cosmic tumble-drier, I found Myself, with My two beloved Bassett hounds, recovering in Cardigan, West Wales. Back to the drawing board, for a Fresh start and a new plan.

I have been an Artist since I could hold a brush. But from now on I’m Creating my Artwork on My terms, and in My unique and distinct way. I paint big pictures of beautiful Animals. I capture their Soul, their Prana and their deepest Essence. Art and Animals were always My thing; but as I grew Aware I realised the Spirit was also a profound part of who I am. I added Yoga to My busy Life of creating kids’ fashion for Ladybird Ltd, Style & Simplicity Patterns, D&H Cohen, Snowman Ltd and various design consultancies. From working in the industry I then slipped into teaching fashion and textiles at a local college. When I became a Mother, I let go of My professional workload and studied Yoga to help clients raise their Kundalini through Movement and Sound.

This led Me to Mantras. I believe the ancient Vedic cultures were fully aware of how Harmonics – through energetic vibrations of Mantras, integration of Spirit, and so Yoga Prana, Chi, Spirit (whatever You like to call it!) is massaged through the physical Human Being – a bit like Popeye with his Spinach perhaps…? ;o)

So now I paint bespoke commissioned paintings. I don’t compromise My Muse – who I am – any longer; I have given Myself permission to be as Free as an Artist should be, and I’ll take that leap of Creative Faith.

I trust in My Talents and Skills to Thrive in Abundance, and so I offer You My dedicated service as a professional Artist; and whether You love Animals or Mantras, You can feel fully assured that I will Honour Your Home or Workspace with the Love I always put into Our Environment.


Jane Borley Art
Jane Borley

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